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Identity Theft Insurance in Sumner and Waverly, Iowa

Safeguarding Residents in Northeastern Iowa from Identity Theft Loss

Imagine learning your social security number was used by a stranger to purchase a new home, or your medical information was accessed for someone else to receive high-dollar cosmetic surgery. Even your tax refund isn’t safe from the sticky hand of thieves.


These are just a few of the consequences of identity theft. Even the less elaborate schemes require victims to spend time and effort restoring their credit histories. Through Wegner Insurance Agency, Inc., clients can access coverage to reduce the impact of loss when faced with a breach of personal information.

Identity Theft Insurance Coverage Details

It is estimated identity theft occurs every three seconds, but could take more than 1,200 hours to resolve on your own. We offer coverage through Legal Shield, a premier identity theft prevention and recovery firm. This service is more extensive than traditional identity theft protection, as it monitors, investigates, and restores personal identity. Legal Shield’s $5 million service guarantee ensures that if an insured client’s identity is stolen it will be restored to the pre-theft status. 


Legal Shield works exclusively with Kroll, the worldwide leader in theft investigative services. If your personal information is comprised, Kroll assigns a licensed private investigator to the case. Kroll also collaborates with institutions on behalf of clients, including credit card companies, financial institutions, and law enforcement. From start to finish, Legal Shield and Kroll have the capacity to handle identity theft disputes.


For more information on the services we can direct you toward, please contact an agent today.

Local, Committed Agents Protecting Clients from Identity Thieves

If any of your family members or friends have fallen victim to identity thieves, you understand the weight felt both financially and emotionally. Don’t wait until a crime strikes to secure protection.


Agents begin our process by explaining the options available through Legal Shield. Once appropriate coverage is selected, we’ll submit an application to Legal Shield. With an activated account, you’ll have access to a full range of services.


If you’re interested in beginning the process, request a quote.

Additional Insurance Information:

At Wegner Insurance Agency, Inc., we’re proud to provide identity theft insurance in Sumner, Waverly, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Tripoli, West Union, and surrounding areas in Iowa.